As a start-up company under Landmark Group, Easybuy is a great platform to explore my skills and knowledge. The work atmosphere is amicable with supportive seniors and colleagues allowing me to explore the best in me!

Unmesh Balachandran- Project

Easybuy is a place where unparalleled opportunities await hungry minds. It empowers employees to do magical things, that elsewhere would be improbable. It’s a place where everyone is trying to make everyone else’s job a bit more likeable, a bit happier and a bit easier, all while the performance bar remains ever so high.

Sreenath Gopinath Rao- Supply Chain Management

Being a brand new format in the retail sector, Easybuy has offered me a lot of opportunities to learn, develop, innovate and most importantly establish myself as a professional. The energy at the workplace is contagious and the great team spirit motivates me to work here and achieve our organisational goals. One of the amazing things that strikes me about Easybuy is the amazing work culture – a healthy team dynamic, flexible work schedule, opportunities to learn and a strong community presence.

Sukanya Chakraborty- Merchandiser

I am lucky to be working at Easybuy at the early stages in my career. It’s providing me a strong platform to achieve my aspirations. The workplace allows me to be me, while providing the support to explore and innovate on traditional retail practices.

Harish Kumar T-Retail Operations

I have been working at Easybuy for more than 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, flexible work schedule, open and transparent culture, opportunities to learn and the mentorship of my seniors. It is also a place that works hard together and celebrates achievements and successes together.

Easybuy has a differentiated presence in the market, and it’s a great feeling to be part of creating history. I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond the current role and my career progression has been quite impressive. Easy buy is an organization that teaches you to think positive. It is wonderful; I just want to say that I am proud to be a part of Team Easybuy.

Shubhendu Narayan- Merchandiser

Working with Easybuy is sheer happiness. When I had joined this company, it was growing and I have experienced growth with Easybuy. Creative ideas in Design are always spot on. The coordination of designers and buyers results to an amazing outcome. Great environment and learning opportunities are the core ¬reasons why designers choose to work with Easybuy.

My experience of working in Easybuy has indeed been an enriching experience. It is a fun place to work with enthusiasm and a friendly environment that is modelled by all.

Pankaj Kumar Barman-Designer

We here at Easybuy have built an environment where we have a strong relationship with our vendors based on respect and integrity. Our goal together is to forecast accurately and have a strategic approach towards the needs of customer and satisfy them with appropriate merchandise at the right time, right place and right quantity. It’s great to work in such a transparent and inclusive environment. It’s allowed me to enrich my creative and planning skills, enabling me to grow rapidly in my retail domain.

Ekta Singh- Buying

Easybuy is probably the most promising model for the Tier 2/3 markets, owing to our honest price, trendy styles and unmatched product quality. For me, delivering this experience to our customers, makes it interesting, challenging and an experience I thoroughly enjoy as a part of Retail Operations.

Having been with the team since its conception, Easybuy has been a journey of experience and evolution. I have learnt to adapt and find solutions to unique situations. My motivation is drawn from experimenting new ideas in a start-up environment and succeeding in those attempts. This is backed by the knowledge gained from industry stalwarts whom I interact and work closely with. .

Though Easybuy is the newest venture of Landmark Group, members like me, enjoy and are proud to be part of such a fantastic workplace.

Sarthak Dash- Retail Operations

In my 10 years of experience, my journey of 2 years now with Easybuy has really stood out. Easybuy has been like a family away from my family. My boss has been a friend and a mentor. I have been able to maintain a great work-life balance. My appraisals have been transparent and well structured. I have been able to provide my ideas and suggestions fearlessly. I have been given the freedom to express myself as a professional. I have been rewarded for my work. I have had the support of a great team. And finally, the workplace has been fun and engaging. All these attributes make Easybuy a great place to work for me.

Harshavardhan Shrikant Chikkerur- Human Resources

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